In bruges, The coronacrisis not all doom and gloom with them. This is proved in the Peter Benoitlaan and Bevrijdingslaan in Bruges, where the local residents get closer and closer to each other and to grow. Every evening, she is at 20 hours, except for a very small balkonfuif’. “In this way, we will be together through the difficult period to come,” she says Koentges.

in Solidarity, be there for each other, lend an ear to: in the times of the corona virus, these values are becoming more and more to the fore. Not the least of which is in the vicinity of the Peter Benoitlaan. Every day exactly 20 hours of running, Arthur Vandenhove up the volume on his hi-fi is open, and it starts with a short dj set. Audience: people who own the atmosphere. Discobollen, the lights or candles: it’s all a put on. it is a Difficult period of time,

Meet on the street about the tough measures in it. “Stay in your room” in the area, which can then also be followed to the letter, even when it feestmomentje’. “Everyone, get to work from home,” smiles Charlotte, Koentges, who, from the very beginning, had been involved in. “In the centre of Bruges and is currently dead. Anyway, it is somewhat of a vibe in our neighborhood, we keep track of the every day party. If we can show that we are there for each other, and we hope to be through this difficult period of time to come.”

Meanwhile, the vast majority of the community is already familiar with, and it’s a daily event now. “Arthur does it to all the houses in a letter to be hung up with the idea. We have seen each other as a neighbor in need, in a time when there is very little social contact. It is a time for everyone to look forward to. Even the Family and the Home have to wait,” smiles Charlotte.