Germany is to get eleven liquid gas terminals. In the eyes of Luisa Neubauer, this is “complete madness”. She refers to a new study that shows that the expansion of the LNG terminals is “massively oversized” and ultimately stands in the way of climate goals.

The LNG strategy of the Federal Ministry of Economics for the planned expansion of liquid gas terminals in Germany is highly controversial. Among others, the “Fridays for Future” activist Luisa Neubauer sharply criticizes Habeck’s LNG strategy.

The planned expansion of the eleven LNG terminals not only contradicts “global climate commitments”, but above all is not necessary to secure the energy supply. Habeck’s LNG strategy is “complete madness”. Here, Neubauer refers to a study by the NewClimate Institute. The study was published on Thursday morning.

A total of 25 people from the Reich citizen scene were arrested in the nationwide raid. Among them the nobility: Heinrich XIII. Prince Reuss has long been known as a Reich citizen and was destined to become head of state.

The government introduces citizen income and thus abolishes the Hartz IV system. Civil servants benefit twice from the salary adjustment. They receive higher salaries and higher pensions. And other civil servants will also benefit from the salary increase.