Switzerland has chosen. And the chances are good that nothing will change: female – Yes, green – Yes, and colorful, the forests, yellow fields, fall leaves, fog, red light district, this year and next year, like always, just getting hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter.

Is beautiful. Days were gorgeous autumn so far. Coral broken, icebergs broken Harvest broken, famines, floods, fires – but not with us.

For us, there is only melting glaciers, heat records, lack of water. With us is good. Our wines are sweet, persimmons, kiwi, and Carambola berries are in blossom and pineapple, Soursop, Apple.

most importantly, hope in

throw The Mantra of the earth rhitzung Warner, we meet a Smile with a defense: How often was summoned in the greenhouse climate of the Abundance of the world – by Fast Food, television, Aids, the nuclear bomb, the ozone hole, Hyperglycaemia. But still children are born and dogs, and the phrases are gedrescht, Teddy bears bought, and Netflix, there are also. Everything is okay, everything is as always.

in addition to the strategy of playing down and in addition to the strategy of hope, to remain personally spared, to overcome the Horror-like, by subjecting him to: faint-hearted, we become lost in the Belief that stable, we would need to clean, just be too dirty.

It was twelve to twelve

Draconian measures would be necessary, and, indeed, global. Economy, prosperity, growth, all our white bread life, materials – everything is dependent on fossil fuels. Everything would have to be fundamentally redesigned, and all governments and all people would have to be. a objective: the long-term Survival of clubs for this on this planet It’s twelve to twelve.

Layer. We’ll never make it. Just last year, the mass is again a new record in global opressed CO2 emissions. We forget it so. We give up.

Fun, we all want to

Or we do not give up. Even if we drive a SUV and still eat meat. Climate-killer can fight with enthusiasm against the climate catastrophe. Also a climate killer can make the new force in Bern print for a climate friendly policy. And climate killer, we all are. And Fun is what we all want. There is no hope, except for us. Everything will be fine.

Ursula von Arx is always choose. But it has rarely been so motivated as this time. Von Arx every second Monday, writes in the VIEW.