known As the Canton of Bern on Tuesday, has terminated, the Director of the prison Thorberg, Thomas Egger,. On the Thor a mountain, there’s been problems with the operational and management culture. The cantonal police Director, Philippe Müller (FDP) reacted last fall, he presented Egger with an external Coach.

Since then, the climate had been achieved during the operation of a first progress, informed the police Directorate on Tuesday. Need for action exists.

Egger remains in accordance with the Communiqué until the end of the year in the office, “an orderly Transition”. Police Director Müller declared that he will respect the decision and thank you Egger for his services. The search for a successor or a successor will start immediately.

predecessor should have turned to the drug stroke

Egger, who had taken office in November 2014. He was followed by one on Georges Caccivio, had to take the hat, because he favored prisoners, and on the Biel-based drug stroke wrong.

The reports about the bad working environment on the Thor mountain made last year to ensure that the competent office for judicial enforcement (AJV) was in the criticism. The Executive Board should be reduced from twelve to eight people, as was announced on Tuesday.

To a human exchange, it is also in Mace: The former Deputy Director Laszlo Polgar is leaving the office next month. He had headed the office temporarily, before the new Boss Romilda Stämpfli started at the beginning of 2019 your work. (SDA)