Again setting. The defense Ministry warned of provocations,

the Infamous “White helmets” are preparing another provocation in Syria, according to the Ministry of defense of Russia. According to the information received by the Center reconciliation of the warring parties, representatives of the organization took a staged video, which allegedly depicted the consequences of a chemical attack in the village of Serba.

Specifies that the “White helmets” going to blame the strike for the Syrian air force. We also know that in the video, for example, visible yellow smoke and victims with symptoms of poisoning.

Center reconciliation of the warring parties warned that in the near future provocative video will appear in social networks, as well as in the Arab media.

Previously, “White helmets”, said that the Russian planes VC bombed a hospital and a bakery in the village Erich. The victims of the RAID alleged to have 37 people. However, the Russian defense Ministry denied this information.