1523 asylum applications were done in the report month, in the first instance, as the state informed the Secretariat for Migration (SEM) on Tuesday. In the process, 269 were not like the decisions. 389 persons were granted asylum and 392 were provisionally included.

The number of first instance pending cases decreased in comparison with the previous month, 325 11’037. Since the beginning of March new applications for asylum in Switzerland have to be dealt with in the accelerated procedure. Previously received applications processed for the SEM according to its own data in parallel, according to the old law.

The main countries of origin of asylum seekers were in April of Eritrea, with 245 applications (64 less than in March 2019), Turkey, with a total of 111 applications (+16), Afghanistan, with 105 requests (+7), Iran with 63 requests (+8), and Georgia, with 62 requests (-7).

announced As the SEM, was in April the programme for the admission of particularly vulnerable persons affected by the Syria conflict of those in need, with the entry of 48 people completed. Thus, in 1993, people from Syria overall, in the context of this Resettlement programme in Switzerland, found protection.