Starting the conversation Putin noted that the industry of air transportation refers to the most affected because of limitations in connection with the coronavirus. “It’s obvious, – said Putin. – The planes are mostly laid up, the crews also “on the ground” do not fly”.

the Head of “Aeroflot” reported the details: in April, shipments fell by about 95 per cent seat occupancy was only at 33 percent. However, there is good news – there is already improvement. “We see significant growth coming, the Russians are beginning to fly, for us it is very important, – said Savelyev. We expect to be able to recover 50 percent, or about 30 million passengers we will carry this year”.

Successful for obvious reasons, resumed domestic flights. “If we start a normal fly, we did the calculation, we will recover to the level of 2019, to December for domestic transport,” – said Saveliev. Meanwhile, because of the limitations of some of the passengers who have purchased tickets for domestic flights, refuses to fly, he said. It turns out that when you buy tickets plane formally filled almost completely, and the departure is falling download up to 80 percent. “Many people refuse to fly because in those cities where they are going to fly, measures are being taken to quarantine scare people away, people cease to fly”, – said Saveliev.

the Governors, responded the head of state will take decisions on the lifting of these restrictions, “because the situation is changing for the better.” Regional authorities are interested in the download hotels, he added. “Almost all the leaders report to me about your plans a gradual, phased removal of the restrictions”, – said Putin.

International shipments are likely to recover longer internal. According to the President, it is unclear how to proceed in terms of open borders in many countries. “Including in Europe, yet they can not understand, – noted Putin. And it is not clear when they will open their borders and territory to third country nationals, including Russian citizens, even in the summer holidays”.

Savelyev spoke about the prospects of international flights in the case of obtaining the appropriate permissions. “If we manage to agree, and we start flying, then the real recovery to 80 per cent by December,” he said. And by the end of March 2021 will be able to achieve a level of 2019 for international transportation.

with regard to sanitary safety, the risk of infection by the coronavirus on Board of the aircraft is very low, said Savelyev. “The air every three to five minutes, it is taken from the compressor of the engine, is heated to 290 degrees,” he explained, also outlining modern filter��. “That is formally on Board to get sick is very difficult,” he said. However, in the case of low load of the aircraft company still retains chess style. But on busy flights it will not work. “We agreed with the CPS… that will be on Board will be gloves, – said Saveliev. – But Seating will not be chess, be normal Seating, or simply not take off, the economy will work against us.”