SPD leader Lars Klingbeil questions the gas levy after Uniper’s nationalization. “The gas levy should now be put to the test,” Klingbeil told RND. In such a situation, the government must also be able to make corrections.

SPD leader Lars Klingbeil questioned the gas levy after the natural gas supplier Uniper was nationalized. “I support the path that Robert Habeck suggested here,” said Klingbeil of the editorial network Germany (RND, Friday editions) with a view to the Uniper nationalization promoted by the Green Federal Minister of Economics. “But I also want to make it clear that the gas surcharge now needs to be put to the test,” added Klingbeil.

In a crisis situation like the current one, a government “also needs the strength to reconsider and correct paths,” said Klingbeil. That has now happened at Uniper. Klingbeil explained that there were concerns in the SPD about the gas levy from the start. The goal of supporting the gas supply infrastructure is correct and the supplier Uniper must be “stabilized as an important supplier for the public utility company”. But it has to be fair. It “turned out that the nationalization of Uniper is the better way.”