celebrated As “Luke Cage” for a 2016 Premiere, was seen the series as an indication that a new Afro consciousness suggest American self in popular culture. Mike Colter played Hero was initially as a supporting character in the Marvel film adaptation of “Jessica Jones” is introduced – he had now brought it to the main character. The impact of the Harlem game series wore classics title of the Rap.

After two seasons, has now, however, call for the streaming service, Netflix is the end for “Luke Cage”. As the U.S. industry-service “Deadline” reported first, there will be no third season. In a joint statement, thanked Netflix and the TV-Department of the comic book company Marvel for all Involved and the Fans for their support of the series.

According to the “Deadline” is considered to be the end for “Luke Cage” in the industry as a Surprise, since the showrunners have been working on scripts for a third season and also the contract of the main actor Mike Colter is still valid. However, there have been obviously the notorious “creative differences” with Netflix and Marvel.

a week Ago, only Netflix had already announced the end of another series from the Marvel universe: “Iron Fist” will not get a third season. Therefore have been set within a few days, two of the five series from the 2013 with much fanfare, announced Deal between Marvel and Netflix. The third season of “Daredevil” is just launched, the second season of “The Punisher” turned off, while a third season of “Jessica Jones” is in production.

A Background for the unwillingness for the continuation of the series on Netflix (the published numbers no spectators) could be the announced launch of its own streaming service from Disney. Disney acquired the comic book publisher Marvel in 2009. As the industry-service “Variety” reported, should Marvel focus on developing for the Disney service content.