Just three weeks after the great woman’s strike, the Federal Council wants to increase the women’s pension age. According to angry the Organizer to respond now. The Basel strikers about to speak of “a slap in the face for all women”. The Reform was disrespectful, says Franziska Stier by the Basel collective. “We women work for free or poorly paid aged care. We are for neighbors and children – the financial losses are large. To restore now, the AHV, spanning the arc massif!” And your collaborator Sina Deiss says: “Federal councillor Berset disappointed. He ignored the biggest strike of the Swiss history.”

Also in Zurich, a woman is angry: “It’s embarrassing and worrying,” write Lou-Salomé Heer and Bettina Stehli, as a proxy for the strike collective. “Still at 14. June called Federal councillor Berset in the social media for the strike, with concern in his eyes, he pointed to the lower retirement savings of women. And now, the Federal Council wants to increase the women’s pension age?

“No increase in women’s pension age”

One of the best! We will fight firmly against the other to Save at the expense of women.” From the Federal city, it sounds similar. “In view of the large income and pension differences, despite the same number of working hours, we do not accept raising the retirement age”, writes Simona Isler from the Bernese collective. The 700 million compensation finds no one as a consolation. “This is a joke,” says the Zurich-strike collective. “The women’s unpaid work has an annual value of 248 billion Swiss francs. More than all spending by the Federal government, the cantons and the municipalities. A Scandal!”

Catherine Prelicz-Huber, President of the trade Union SSP / VPOD, referred to the 700 million as a “Pseudo-compensation measures”, the straight times by a third to cover what should help the women by raising the retirement age to Reform. “An incredible impudence,” she says. “It seems to me, as you would have realized nothing at all from the woman’s strike.”