Schalke’s former successful coach Huub Stevens spoke 25 years after the European Cup victory with the Revierclub about threats against him and then manager Rudi Aussauer.

Death threats: According to Huub Stevens, the situation in Gelsenkirchen in 1997 was particularly explosive: “Immediately after the Uefa Cup victory, the team had to be rebuilt, which wasn’t easy for Schalke. When the success didn’t continue as expected, we were faced with extremely disappointed people. They even threatened us that they wanted to shoot us,” said the 68-year-old from “Bild am Sonntag”.

With a protective vest on the bench: “For this reason, the police decided that Rudi and I had to secretly wear protective vests at a game in the Parkstadion,” Stevens added, referring to the Schalke stadium at the time. “I didn’t want that at all, but otherwise we wouldn’t have been allowed to sit on the bench.”

Trouble also in Eindhoven: According to his own statements, the Dutchman has not only had difficult times at Schalke. “When I was a player at PSV Eindhoven, my children were threatened. That was even worse! Because you have to train and be with the team, you can’t always take care of your family,” he said.

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