An Overview of the possible options, as it is now in the Brexit-the Chaos could continue:

1. Johnson enters as a Premier back

The judge found that the imposed five-week forced break for the British to escape from under the house shortly before the planned EU-31. October is unlawful. The leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn called on the conservative Johnson then immediately to withdraw. If the Prime does this in fact, is now the big political question in the United Kingdom – which, of course, a massive impact on the Brexit negotiations would have.

2. There are new elections

Johnson has called for new elections before the end of October, after he had lost in the house of his wafer-thin majority after the exclusion of 21 rebels in his conservative party.

The opposition Labour party wants to approve, but only if a chaotic Brexit, without agreement, is clearly excluded. This Johnson rejects. Self by a resignation, Johnson could force new elections directly, as he needs the support of two-thirds of the lower house.

3. Brexit is again

moved in light of the unclear political situation could London a re-shifting of the currently for the 31. October Brexit request. On the EU side, the heads of state and government of the other 27 member States would have to agree unanimously.

countries such as France, have in turn declared, that they were to be a further shift ready, if there is a good reason for it – such as new elections, or a second Brexit Referendum. Even if many EU governments are annoyed because of the British Back – and-Forth at the Brexit, would prefer the most, a further shift to a chaotic exit well.

4. Agreement on agreement

Johnson could try to get to 31. To achieve October an agreement with the EU. The British Parliament has rejected the previously negotiated exit contract but three Times.

the crux of the catch-all solution for Northern Ireland, to prevent the Brexit border controls between the British province and the EU member Ireland. The United Kingdom would remain for the time being, as a Whole, is in a customs Union with the EU. This is opposed to Brexit-a Hardliner in the UK strictly.

Johnson wants to make “alternative arrangements”, the visible border controls unnecessary. So far, the Prime Minister, Brussels has not been able to convince in this point.

5. No-Deal-Brexit

In the case of a No-Deal-Brexit would end the EU membership in the UK at the end of October suddenly. The re-introduction of customs controls would have far-reaching consequences for the economy and citizens. The lower house had, however, adopted before the forced break a law, to exclude a Chaos-Brexit exclusive. Without agreement with Brussels, the exit should be moved accordingly at the end of January.

Johnson has, in turn, declared that he would prefer to “lie dead in a ditch” than it is to move the Brexit for the third Time. Cabinet Ministers have indicated, the government is looking for gaps in the displacement law of the Parliament to make a No-Deal-Brexit the end of October, more possible.

6. Withdrawal of the withdrawal application

For London up to the termination date, at any time, the possibility of Brexit-request without the consent of the EU to unilaterally withdraw. This would be conceivable after a victory of the Labour in the event of any elections. The party has promised for this case, a second Referendum with an Option to remain in the EU. (SDA)

expected to Brexit-roadmap 24. September
decision of the Supreme Court about the forced break of the Parliament.
25. September
After the Supreme court judgment in the UK against the government had five weeks of forced break, the Parliament, the members come together sooner.
interviews with experts in the UK with the EU on Changes at the outlet of the contract in Brussels.
29. September to 2. October
Congress of the ruling British Conservative party in Manchester.
15. October
, In Luxembourg, want to the remaining 27 EU countries on the Ministerial level about the Brexit advise
17. and 18. October
the EU summit of heads of state and heads of government.
19. October
deadline in the law, against No-Deal-Brexit runs. Should be ratified no exit agreement, must apply to the British Prime Minister, a shift in the Brexits.
31. October
Expected to be last day of British membership of the EU.

On the 23. June 2016 on prisoner 51.9 per cent of the British withdrawal from the EU. Since then, the government desperately tries to control the exit from the EU. In addition to tensions between the EU and the UK, the MPs with the search for a Compromise seem to have a hard time. Seemingly every day there are new initiatives, reviews and negotiations. You can keep track of the Brexit-the Chaos with the news Ticker from