Minutes to keep the Fans of FC Schaffhausen on your wife-despising message in the air. Their heads they hide cowardly behind the Transparent. No one intervenes. It is unbelievable that something like 2019 in Switzerland is possible.

The scenes at the Derby between FC Winterthur and FC Schaffhausen show three things:

contempt for women is in the minds of men in Switzerland is still much more present than we care to admit. The study by Amnesty International, which was released last week, and after every tenth woman in Switzerland at least Once had Sex against their will is proof of this.We must take the Problem of contempt for women, and violence against women seriously, must not have done it talk longer small, and accept, as the person responsible in the stadium by the Fans with its Transparent easy to decide to grant.The woman’s strike on 14. June is important. We need a plan of action against contempt for women, sexism and sexualized violence. Studies show that when the Smallest act, in nurseries, kindergartens, schools.

It needs at all levels a clear sign that such behaviour will not be tolerated. Of the clubs. The Law Enforcement Authorities. And of the society.

A first start would be: men, you, which is written in the Transparent and in the amount you have kept back for you, showing your face and say you’re sorry!