Bern-Thursday, 8:45 PM. While defence Minister Viola Amherd and army chief Philippe Rebord announce over in the Federal house, the orderly retreat of the home army leadership, will meet at the same hour, not a mile away from you, the Kombat of the future aunts.

At the cyber Congress in Bern, police forces, security services and private Player gathering: Palantir is a security and technology company revolutionizing the US Army with a 800-million-Software. Armor – and-Tech-companies such as Airbus and Nokia are present –all geostrategic players on the battlefield of the future, the virtual space.
From the Swiss military, no one is.

more better auxiliary force

the importance of the army is for the defence of the country at all? In the security policy report of the Federal Council from the year 2016 appears in many Spots, just among the also-RANS. The sounds approximately so: “In the case of a major Cyber attack with serious consequences, could assist the army with their protected and crisis-resistant guide support means of the civil authorities to a position of leadership.”

In English: anyway, If everything goes down the drain, and all the civil authorities have thrown in the towel, may help the army with their wireless devices. It sounds like arg to more and better auxiliary.

“The intelligence clearly plays a much more important role than in the past,” says the security and intelligence expert Bruno Lezzi. He sees not just a loss of importance of the army have been through, but certainly a change of meaning – a process that is not yet complete. Although the army is still a strategic tool in the Swiss Security Union. Publicly visible its support services for the relief of the police in special situations, but are especially. A rogue, who thinks because of RC soldiers on the Adelboden ski races.

How to fit for service would be the military for a digital slugfest?

“should It be so difficult to justify the future need for heavy products such as tanks and artillery,” says expert Lezzi.

Who is the head General, so it is actually secondary to the music anyway for the news service, which is located in the defense Department (and discreetly more and more influence ensures). And yet, one wonders how the service would be suitable for our military for a digital slugfest? “In the Cyber domain, the army has, in spite of the current efforts to clearly a pent-up demand,” says Lezzi. After recently embarrassed the Federal government was their own, Ruag victim of a hacker attack that forced the Federal Council to the action plan of the “Cyber-Defence”. A handful of recently started are recruits.

The digital steps of the army of the Cyber-conference merriment, with the name lost but then no one wants to. The basic tenor: The Cyber-Defence strategy of the VBS can be implemented. The army must not to attack the pro-active sources of danger, they would break the law. You may only defend. And because the army is clearly on a territory limited, should take over at the end of the news service.