It’s the hottest question of the election on Sunday: the Green after the sensational success also entitled to a Federal Council seat? For the Swiss population, the answer is clearly “Yes”! The SRG-post-election survey says.

Only 40 percent of the population want to deny the Ökoparteien a seat in the state government. For 38 per cent, a Green is to take on the Federal Council seat, four percent are in favour of a GLP-candidates. 18 percent of respondents just want to see a representative of one of the two parties in the cluster of seven Board seats.

The concern is broad-based: more than half of the CVP-voters want an Eco-Federal and 48 per cent of FDP voters support the.

Cassis at risk

according to the respondents, the FDP one of its two seats. 27 per cent are in favour. Thus, the seat of foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (58) would be at risk. He has been the subject of criticism.

No Worries, must make Viola Amherd (57). Just seven percent of the respondents want to take away the seat.

Rytz or powder?

But who to get for the Greens in the seat? Party boss Regula Rytz (57) has a good chance. Also a national councillor Bastien Girod (38), as well as the former Berne councillor Bernhard powder (54) is said to have chances. But also of the Geneva Regierunsrat Antonio Hodgers (43) – he was previously the national Council and the national councillor for the Green, Maya Graf (57) could compete.

it Should be a green liberal Federal Council, could take group boss, Tiana Angelina Moser (40). The Name of former party President of green liberal party Martin Bäumle (55) is called.

The question is only, how the Ökoparteien to come to a seat. A vacancy is not in view: to come already in December, a Federal Council seat, you would have to uncheck – probably with the support of the CVP is a Federal Council. Whether these plays, however, is questionable.