Has Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Keynote at all a surprise?

in fact, a lot of information as in previous years, before the Event on Tuesday evening transpires. But nevertheless, there were three big Surprises: The Always-on Screen of the Apple Watch, no one had on the screen. The six francs per month, a surprisingly deep subscription price for the Video-streaming service to Apple TV Plus. Thirdly, The significantly extended battery life for the iPhone-Pro models, which hold up to five hours longer, before you need to the power outlet.

Why is the iPhone maker is suddenly on the prices so be careful?

Still, Apple has about the iPhones significantly higher prices than the competition. The Pro models cost, for example, 1200 to 1700 francs. However, Tim Cook has announced at this Keynote for a product is higher prices. Three offers are even surprisingly inexpensive: the TV service for six francs a month, the Apple Watch in titanium from 850 francs, and the iPhone 11, 70 francs cheaper than the predecessor.

This is a turnaround for Apple, and a reaction to the decreasing sales numbers, especially on the iPhone. Apple is making much more than in the past, in order to make the products attractive. The new iPhones, there is, for example, with a year’s Free subscription to the video streaming service. And the trade-in program for older iPhones, it was even advertised for the first time to a Keynote.

the iPhone 11 Is better than the competition?

Two trumps Apple: The new A13-Bionic-core processor, the Android is likely to depend on the competition again. And the iOS operating system 13 is just perfectly matched to the Hardware. If, however, Apple can obtain the camera the top models from Huawei and Samsung, will show a detailed Test. The US group is focused on a round total package to deliver. New Features that are nowhere else, in vain.

What Apple has not spoken on the Keynote?

There are issues that Apple does not, or not yet, has to offer, plain and simple. For example, a fingerprint Scanner under the Screen, but also the new mobile communications Standard, 5G. Also, some of the wishes of the Fans as a small and compact iPhone or sleep tracking with Apple Watch have not been met.

Strange, however, that important Features of the presented Gadgets on the stage were almost a non-issue. For example, that the three iPhones will support the new Wi-Fi Standard, WiFi-6. Or how many movies and series you can expect for six francs per month in video streaming.

it is Worth to pay 400 Swiss francs fee for the Pro iPhones?

The difference in price between iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro is enormous. Especially because the two devices are optically very similar and many Features to share, such as the camera software, the wide-angle lens or the fast processor.

the main difference is the screen, which is the Pro significantly better look, but honestly only at second glance. In addition, the Pro has a third party lens with an optical 2x Zoom.

from Chasing Apple in Video Streaming, Netflix customer?

With a semi-expensive monthly price, and the many devices buyers, the benefit of a year’s Free subscription, is likely to win an Apple TV Plus quickly a large number of customers. That should make Netflix and other Streaming providers noticeably.

But: Quite comparable to the services are not. Netflix offers a comprehensive video library with thousands of movies and TV shows. Apple offers a lot less focused on in-house productions. Exactly how the offer looks like, but it is still open.

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