Johan Djourou, Pajtim Kasami, Birama Ndoye, Ermir Lenjani, Mickaël Facchinetti, Xavier Kouassi, Alex Song, Seydou Doumbia and Christian Zock. These nine players sent Sion President Christian Constantin thirty minutes after the ‘ no ‘ to short-time working termination. And shortly after, already of the “former Sion players” is spoken.

in the Meantime, these nine names have been deleted from the team list on the website of the Valais chaos club. Consequently, they are on the “transfer” not more than Sion-players listed, but as “unemployed”.

still 26 players in the professional squad

the FC Sion Is now more or without a Team, as it would be in any of the “normal” Super-League club the case? Now need to move players from the under-21s, should be finished this championship, miraculously, still?

Not the bean. CC – also known as a game collector still has 26 players in the professional squad, this on the own Homepage. Transfer market on lead 28. And the Swiss Football League 36. Since the sacked are still listed. Even CC sometimes loses the Overview, who kicks everything just for him …

no Matter. It still remains a quantitatively respectable squad. And high also still one of the Super-League will fulfill the requirements. Already in the gate coach Ricardo Dionisio has the agony of choice: Anton Mitryushkin or Kevin Fickentscher? Then Super Talent Bastien Toma. The solid ownership of Quentin Maceiras. The talented Anto Grgic, who, however, has not found his Form this season. The also talented Patrick Luan, Roberts Uldrikis, Mattias Andersson, Filip Stojilkovic, Yassine Fortune and Jared Khasa. As well as the Algerian warhorse veteran Ayoub Abdellaoui.

“This championship is dead!”

As CC sees this young, wild bunch, who is left? “If I have to quit the championship, then I do it. With these players. Maybe the hungry than the Old…” But CC doesn’t believe anyway that in this season the Ball is rolling again. “This championship is dead. And if you’d played to the end, would suffer from the new season of solid including. You would then have to press the round 33 games in a few a few months into it. The is unthinkable.”

as well As always. We play with the model of thinking to the end, we put ourselves in the position of Dionisio and the best possible Sion team, which can bring the Portuguese currently on the field. That would look roughly like this, in a 4-2-3-1:

Kevin Fickentscher (31); Quentin Maceiras (24), Jan Bamert (22), Jean Ruiz (21), Ayoub Abdellaoui (27); Anto Grgic (23), Bastien Toma (20); Patrick Luan (21), Filip Stojilkovic (20), Yassin Fortune (21); Roberts Uldrikis (21).

Anton Mitryushkin (24); Mattias Andersson (22), Alexandre Nsakala (20), Baltazar (19), Joaquim Adão (27), Jared Khasa (22), Itaitinga (21).