As the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” reported on Saturday, Germany is in second place in the EU comparison for both diesel prices (last 2.16 euros per liter) and petrol (last 2.07 euros per liter). Diesel was only more expensive in Sweden, petrol in Finland.

The newspaper had an evaluation of data from the EU Commission, which the Federal Statistical Office transmitted at the request of the left in the Bundestag. The figures were as of September 5th.

The evaluation also shows that fuel prices in Germany are around 25 cents above the EU average. In August, Germany was still in the middle of the field when it came to petrol and diesel prices. The reason for this was the tank discount, which expired at the end of August.

Against this background, the left-wing social politician Sören Pellmann sharply criticized the government and spoke of a “political failure of the traffic light”. Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) announced in the spring that he wanted to take action against the fuel cartel. Since then, “zero point zero” has happened, Pellmann told the “NOZ”.

In view of the expected additional profits for the oil companies this year, he said the government must “skim off this money and permanently stop self-service at the expense of commuters”. In neighboring France, fuel prices are around 40 cents lower. “That is the yardstick for the federal government.”