The coach knows his protege up. “He will not fall in a hole,” said Dani Hüsler after the Final round defeat of Joel Wicki (22) against Christian Stucki (34). “I’m not Worried about that.”

The day after the Federal, the day after the lost final response, of just him instead of the swinging king the first-crowned, we spend Wicki not at home in Sörenberg in the dark behind closed doors, but outside in the fresh air, the Emden, the second hay cut so. In what is one of his favorite pastimes: He helps his godfather on the farm. From the large stage in the Arena with 56’500 spectators back in the hills of Entlebuch.

It is a stark contrast. But, the Wicki is. During the two Esaf-days he captured the hearts of the masses. In no time he puts one opponent after another into the sawdust. And looking at the power package, literally, as he draws energy from the Affection of the audience. As he walks to the press conference and doping control over the festival grounds, he will be assailed from all sides, he is posing patiently for Selfies.

Affection, which reverberates even on the day after that. “Joel has touched with his appearance, the people in all the country,” says Wickis Manager Michael Schiendorfer. “My Combox today was filled three Times with positive feedback to Joel from existing and new Fans, sponsors and media. So something I’ve really never seen.”

for Too long, these do not have to wait for the next reunion with Wicki. On Tuesday evening he will be received as a first-winning in sörenberg, officially.