K-Pop is not only in South Korea, a phenomenon that has delighted millions of Fans. The Stars of the genres of music will be celebrated internationally. However, the K-Pop Business is hard. Last Monday, the Korean singer Sulli (†25), Ex-member of the South Korea was found dead in the niches of girl band F(x), dead in her home in South Korea’s Seongnam. The police believe was a suicide. Choi Jin ri as Sulli citizens was called, and withdrew, 2015 from the music industry after she had to deal with Online hate, loneliness, and exhaustion.

In the Reality series, “Jinri Shore,” said Sulli, according to the “Mirror”: “I was under so great pressure. I was often afraid. The Band was under a lot of pressure. I followed the instructions of others, without knowing why. At some point I began to question what I’m doing. I said that I’m exhausted, but no one listened to me. I felt as if I were alone.”

“I’m broken inside”

Sulli is not the first K-pop star who was unable to withstand the pressure of the industry. In the past few years K-Pop artists took the lives of. Pop singer Ahn So Jin (†22) committed 2015 suicide. She was a Participant of a Reality Show that was looking for new members for the K-Pop group Kara, and didn’t make it into the final round. She stood for five years under contract with the Korean record label of Kara. Kim Jonghyun (†27), known as Jonghyun, was a member of the K-Pop Band Shinee and adopted in December 2017, the life. He broke and left behind a letter stating: “I am on the inside.”

Goo Ha-ra (28), Ex-singer of the Band Kara, was brought in after a suicide attempt in may of 2019 to the hospital. They had treated their Fans with Instagram Posts in concern: “I do so, I would not be tired when I am. I do so, I have no pain when I’m in pain. After all these years of oppression, I look to the outside okay, but it feels as if I would break on the inside.”

eating disorders and exhaustion

Numerous Stars of the scene the languages of the public about their eating disorders, and the strict Esspläne, you need to hold on to. So young (26), singer at Ladies’ Code, said in a TV Interview, that she took in three days, only five of the cherry tomatoes and water. Through the malnutrition, you haven’t get your period. In addition, her hormone levels had decreased on a woman who is in Menopause.

JinE (24), Ex-member of K-Pop Band Oh My Girl, took 2016 a break from the Band, and because of anorexia treat. The Band announced at the time in a Statement: “We support JinE, while it is being recovered and treated.” In the following year, JinEs exit from the group was announced.

is fatigue a Problem for the artist, the need to work around the clock: The K-Pop Superstars, the BTS announced in August that they take a break for a “prolonged period of rest and relaxation”, to recharge your batteries.

“a girl Has a bad face, the cosmetic surgery solved”

K-Pop artists are supposed to be drilled literally to the success and high beauty must conform to Standards. Adhesion contracts, which present the Stars before their big break, to be distributed in the scene according to “The Sun” also. Kim Min-seok is a former coach who made the K-Pop Agency YG Entertainment artists for the stage fit.

said To “Vice” he three years ago, that a Newcomer on a daily basis on the balance on strict diets to keep and, often, cosmetic surgery will have to undergo. “The most Important thing is the appearance. If a girl has a bad face, but has a good body, the Problem can be solved with cosmetic surgery.” Cho Shin, an employee at Warner Music Korea, said: “In K-Pop it’s not about natural Looks and talents. It is a product. The product can be molded into something Perfect.” (kad)

you can find help Here

loneliness does not have to be: The Swiss Red cross (SRC) has a visiting and accompaniment service for people living alone. The service is regional, organized by the red cross cantonal associations (www.redcross.ch). The salvation army offers activities for singles, such as lunch tables (www.heilsarmee.ch). Seniors can check with the Pro Senectute (www.prosenectute.ch). Advice there are also in the country churches (Seelsorge.net). The Samaritans, Tel. 143 (www.143.ch) can also help. Young people visit the emergency number 147 (www.147.ch) in the case of Pro Juventute help.