Closed theatres and venues as a result of coronakrisen can lead to empty kistebunde with many of the country’s musicians, who lose large revenues.

It will DR now remedy. The DR has decided that the next time will play significantly more Danish music on P3 and P4.

‘today is playing DR about 49 percent of the Danish music on the two major music channels P3 and P4. From Wednesday, will the rate be put up to 80 percent on both channels,’ writes DR. in a press release.

this allows the DR to hold your hand during the many Danish musicians.

For the more often their numbers played in the radio, the more money they get.

Each time a radio channel plays music, get the singer and songwriter of payment via non-profitorganisationen Koda, which stations have an agreement with.

DRs announcement comes just days after the well-known music producer Pilfinger (that sounds bourgeois name Lasse Kramhøft, opfodrede the DR for the same in a instagramopslag.

“It need not be a hundred percent Danish music, but why not slap a little more Danish on the playlists? Chris Brown, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Billie Eilish must have come through the crisis,” he clarified subsequently, opposite B. T.

And the task has DR now chosen to take on.

‘DR as a core part of its responsibility for society to support Danish culture. It is more necessary now than ever to fulfil this task, since large parts of the other Danish cultural institutions are closed down because of the corona,” says Anette Kokholm, there is radiochef in the DR, in the press release.

the Measure on P3 and P4 starts on Wednesday and lasts provisionally the next two weeks.

Also on P8 Jazz will be the game significantly more Danish music.