Beat Breu (61) comes to rest. His dream of owning a Circus Beat Breu burst last Monday after just 13 days of play (LOOK told). Rather than with the German circus landlords Adolf Burger (53) balmy peacefully at a table, harden the fronts, more and more.

will Fought with dirty bandages. According to Burger claims to VIEW: “Beat Breu celebrated with artists in the Manege Sex orgies. And every Rock and watched.” He, too, was increased by the daughters of according to Burger downstream. When asked about this, bursts of Velo-legend of the collar: “Now you put us with Sex-rumors under pressure. This is a mess. I’ve heard that he told the around. Of course nothing of that is true in. I am totally clean.”

wife Heidi: “wants to make me jealous,”

wife Heidi (66) adds: “Adolf told also, that Beat would be part of the brothel Longhorn City. This is utter nonsense, he has to do so for 17 years, nothing more.” Behind the Sex-accusations she sees, “that he wants to spot Beats your Name, because the circus didn’t work, and he sees in us the guilty. With rumors about other women he wants to make me jealous. The do not succeed him”.

Still, it is also a question of money. Both still have open invoices at the opposite side. “I’m going to be so far with the settlement, then we will see whether we have him or is he still guilty of something,” said Heidi Breu.

Many continue to believe in the Breus, motivate

in addition to the harsh Wind, the couple experienced breezes and mild. “It touches us, how many people write to us a good “head high”, to believe in us, and us with their presence want to support, as soon as we have the tent of a new circus,” says Breu Beat.

Even on the support of his former employer’s Circus Royal that he could count. For a year he and Heidi led the Bistro. They went to irreconcilable differences with the management. Breu says: “Yesterday evening we received a phone call, we could always put our camper and to discuss ideas. This makes me very happy.”