A few months ago, Helene Fischer became the mother of a little daughter. With the birth of Nala, the hit queen is said to have changed fundamentally, according to a friend.

She’s still in seventh baby heaven! Helene Fischer was previously known as the undisputed hit queen. Since the end of last year, the passionate singer has also been the loving mother of a little daughter, who bears the magical name Nala. Since then, Florian Silbereisen’s ex has been enjoying her happiness as a mother to the fullest alongside her partner Thomas Seitel – and that away from the public eye.

It was all the more surprising when the 37-year-old recently walked completely relaxed through downtown Munich with a pram and seemed to have no problem with being recognized by fans. A friend of the pop singer now told the “Bild” newspaper how much Helene should have changed since her daughter was born.

So far, Fischer has been known primarily for protecting her privacy. Relaxed outings in public? An absolute rarity! If so, then the 37-year-old tried not to attract attention. With Nala, the musician’s view is said to have changed, as a friend now revealed to the “Bild” newspaper: “Helene has been much more relaxed since fulfilling her lifelong dream.”

As “Bild” also wants to know, Helene Fischer is said to have spent a relaxing day with her daughter on the Bavarian Ammersee. The singer was even discovered while calmly breastfeeding. Apparently not a problem for the 37-year-old, because, according to “Bild”, the walkers also respected the superstar’s privacy. Helene in the happiness of a mother – just wonderfully likeable!

Helene Fischer, Robbie Williams

Florian Silbereisen is considered an absolute all-rounder in the hit and entertainment world. Now, however, the musician has to suffer a loss – and that shortly before the DSDS finale!

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