The Monday Grosi Sava Hagmann (75) spent in prison (EYES reported). In the morning at 8.30 am, the Pensioner from Rapperswil was picked up SG by the police in the evening, they arrived, completely exhausted back home. All because of a fine of 300 francs, which could not the Pensioner to the debt enforcement office to settle.

debtor for the Elderly: the health insurance Helsana – with over 1.9 million, the largest provider of Switzerland Insured. “That the issue is escalated with Sava Hagmann on this kind of, sorry, but was not in our Power,” says Helsana spokeswoman Dragana Glavic-Johansen. You stated: “The arrest came about because of our demand, but by the behavior of the Sava Hagmann to the authorities and do not pay for the buses.”

some fights more

The Elderly woman does not see why Helsana still wants money from her: “I quit in 2009, in an orderly and am switched to CSS.” Since then, she was insured there. “I don’t pay for sure two Once health insurance,” she says defiantly. The Pensioner has lost before the insurance court of the Canton of St. Gallen with this view, against Helsana. But before the Federal court, she fights on.

Helsana said, you had no choice. “We have to stick to the law and will not be able to push for basic health insurance, just keep an eye.” For the case of some of Hagmann, the spokeswoman says: “We are obliged to keep you.” In the case of outstanding payments of the insurance law should not be changed because of.