After repeated riots at Premier League games, England manager Gareth Southgate is concerned about fan violence in the stadium.

Worry lines: Gareth Southgate (51) is concerned about past excesses of violence and storming in the Premier League, as the BBC reports: “It’s worrying. It’s a wide-ranging problem and it’s a matter of behavior.”

Image of society: Southgate assigns football a representative role: “Football is a reflection of society and that’s why it’s so easy to carry it (the aggression, ed.) into football. […] Football therefore has a responsibility, it has to do everything to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen.”

Conditions in Germany: In Germany, too, there were repeated clashes and rushes with injuries on the last matchdays of the first and second Bundesliga, for example in Gelsenkirchen, Nuremberg, Cologne, Bremen and Stuttgart. The clubs always held back with criticism, probably also to avoid an open conflict with their own supporters.

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