Jacob Friis has finally got his leukæmiramte daughter home.

“It is an indescribable nice feeling to have got Luna home and be again gathered the whole family in our own house.”

How does it sound from the AaB coach in an interview with north Jutland.

Tuesday was his four-year-old daughter discharged from the Rigshopsitalet after gemmemgået a complicated bone marrow transplant, which sent the whole family in the double isolation because of the fear of coronaviruses.

“Fortunately it has gone according to plan,” said Jacob Friis, in a great interview with B. T. in the last week.

Then, the family had to do everything to avoid contact with the others from the outside, as the fear of coronavirussen filled the extremely very with the 43-year-old Superliga, coach, and family, who feared that her daughter would be hit by it.

After six months, with admissions, where the course started in the end of October 2019, with ongoing treatments and then the transplant, the family has finally, to get a common daily life together.

“It has almost been six months of ‘roadtrip’ for the whole family, but not the way you usually know the words. Much of the time we have been divided, but it also makes the redemption so much greater when we can look at the Luna, that she is well again,” says Jacob Friis in the interview with the local media.

the Whole course of the disease has taken hard on the family, and although they have had to try to get an everyday life to hang together, so it has been hard to focus on anything other than the daughter’s situation, AaB coach explained previously in B. T:

“the Process has emotionally been a rollercoaster, with ups and downs. When there occasionally comes some bumps, so stop up and finds that it is literally deathly seriously. It is hard, and I would be lying if I claimed that it was a dance on roses. For it it is no way.”

There is not put an end date on their daughter’s kræftbehandlingsforløb yet, for it still stands on the weekly checks at the university hospital, which diners across will be changed to every 14. day and then every month, but returning to the nordjyske is a big milestone for Luna and the family, as it is now the end of hospitalization, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

the Daughter, however, must still take immunosuppressive medication for a period of time, and because she is vulnerable to foreign bacteria and viruses, she must therefore stay at home and avoid contact with other than his parents and siblings.