In the Netherlands is divorced on Sunday, the 17-Year-old Noa Pothoven, with the help of a Hospice, from the life. “That was my Plan and not done on impulse,” she wrote just a few days earlier on Instagram.

As a little girl, Noa was being abused and sexually abused and since then she suffered from post-traumatic disorders, depression, and anorexia. “I breathe, but I don’t live longer,” let your Followers know.

for Years, the Teen kept it secret how it was. In 2018, she published her autobiography “Gain-of-Leren” (to Win German: or Learn), in the attempts above failed suicide and a fucked up interior reported life. A purpose in life you haven’t seen already.

“love means to let me go

With the book” wanted to help you, according to his own statement, young people with coarser problems, as there would be for this in the Netherlands, there is no contact points. They themselves no longer believed obvious that it could go the better. “After years of fighting, I’m exhausted. I stopped to eat and to drink, and it was decided after many discussions to let me go,” she wrote on Instagram.

Even Noah’s mother, Lisette knew, according to the Dutch newspaper “De Gelderlander” nothing from the Plan of your daughter to this random farewell letters from Noa to your friends found.

In the letters Noa asked your friends to discuss with her about the decision: “In the case, love means to let me go”. On Sunday, her last wish was fulfilled.

In Noah’s Instagram-Bio on @noamaestro the Hashtags #sparkle, now even breakthe stigma, #stronglikeafighter and #mental health blogger (by breaking the Stigma as Strong as a fighter, a blogger for mental health).

In the Netherlands, are already allowed to take young people from 12 years of assisted suicide in the claim. The Netherlands were the first country to introduce, in 2002, the active euthanasia. Since then, may, who is terminally ill and in unbearable pain, due to a lethal syringe from the life of a divorce – are administered by a physician.

In Switzerland it is forbidden to active euthanasia, however. Euthanasia organisations such as Dignitas and Exit only provide help for self-killing. Exit writes on their Website that you must be of legal age to be in the death. (vof)

consulting telephone of the Offered Hand: phone 143 www.143.chBeratungstelefon Pro Juventute (children and adolescents): telephone 147 www.147.chWeitere addresses and information:

hideaway club for survivors after suicide: www.verein-refugium.chNebelmeer – prospects after the suicide of a parent: