Coca-Cola and the Edeka supermarket have been arguing about the prices of the popular drinks for some time. According to internal information, the manufacturer has now stopped deliveries on September 1st.

There is another dispute between Edeka and Coca-Cola. The reason for this is the increased price demands of the manufacturer. As the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reports, the supermarket chain does not want to accept this. According to an internal announcement, deliveries to the Edeka branches will therefore be discontinued from September 1st. The Coca-Cola products would therefore disappear from the shelves as soon as the remaining stocks have been sold.

Specifically, it is about price increases “in the higher single-digit percentage range,” as Coca-Cola sales manager Florian von Salzen announced a few weeks ago. Edeka considers these demands to be excessive. The delivery stop has not yet been officially confirmed. However, it is known that there has been no agreement so far and that negotiations are still ongoing.

According to the report, the delivery stop in some Edeka regions is to be postponed to mid-September for the time being. Last year, Coca-Cola, like numerous other food manufacturers, was in dispute with Edeka because of planned price increases.