5.5 billion Swiss francs in subsidies distributes the Federal office for transport (BAV) each year, the public Transport companies. “I believe that we are the largest subsidy office are in order,” says Peter Füglistaler (59). As the BAV-Director explains, have changed with the railway reforms, but also the transport companies.

Suddenly they played “Unternehmerlis”. The large part from taxpayer-funded highways and bus lines poured out now bonuses for your squad and a planned profits, where no should not have been incurred.

Fedpol conducts criminal and administrative proceedings

The Whole thing culminated in the post-car-Bschiss: As the BAV in front of one and a half years, will post a car in more than a decade, from the Federal to high settlements. What had Füglistaler titled earlier as “systematic fraud”, he does not want his name today. He would then each Post of the lawyers for the machinations of the yellow giant responsible. Against them, the Federal office of police (Fedpol) is currently conducting a criminal and administrative proceedings.

at the end of last year, it was clear that the yellow giant had obtained a 200 million Swiss francs to a lot of subsidies. However, the Berne BLS had to pay back due to high interest bills, 30 million Swiss francs in subsidies.

BAV consequences

the Füglistaler now draws the consequences: audits of the financial statements of transport companies by the FOT should be a thing of the past. Because the bus companies and Railways are obliged to create proper invoices and these by external companies for accuracy. The authorities note, however, that the invoices contain errors, the registry and, if necessary, the revision set.

in the Future wants to control the BAV, however, more precisely, whether the subsidy provisions are complied with – i.e. whether a train or a bus company in the sense of taxpayers, the subsidy payments proceeds. The office announces, to control soon, with twice as many transport companies – at 20 instead of 10 per year. The BAV is to be reinforced with eight people in it.


A second measure is to regulate the organisation of the audit firms on the audits of transport companies. Thus, the quality and reliability of the bill is to increase audits by external Auditors.

How Füglistaler says, he wants to take, the boards of Directors of transport companies more accountable: they should be in writing, must testify that the statement of account complies with all of the subsidy regulations.

post car only after years on the ropes come

With the various measures that the BAV announced today in front of the press, responds to the office in the criticism, to be very late to the machinations of the post car.

in Addition, it implements recommendations made by the auditing company BDO, which had examined the functioning of the BAV.

Several of the squad had to go

The post car Bschiss is considered to be the greatest of subsidy fraud in Swiss history. He had led to the departure of several squad folks at post-car, the previous post boss Susanne Ruoff (61) had to vacate their chair and also two poster-boards had to go.

is not Correct returns to calm at the yellow giant. Post the car had to give, and to have the drivers “squeezed” – and again, in order to increase the profits. And a variety of former employees are convictions.

new beginning

begin with the Different Foundation stones for a new beginning in the Post, however: Both the Postbus-line, as well as the Post-group-top are filled. And – what is not to be underestimated – the Head of the competent departments has changed. After the resignation of the CVP Federal councillor Doris Leuthard (56) now holds, the former consumer advocate Simonetta Sommaruga (58) the control environment, transport, energy and communication Federal Department (Detec) in the Hand.

Even if comrade Sommaruga is not as left abweichlerin in the SP is known, is likely to be under the public Service re-important. The new orientation of the Detec could also come Füglistaler: he is a proud social Democrat.