The trains on the Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon-Bahn (BLS) through idyllic landscapes. Now you are stuck in the middle of the Federal Berner subsidy swamp. On Friday morning, the BLS and the Federal office for transport (BAV) shared with: Over the years, the BLS has conceded to a lot of public money. You now have to pay around 30 million Swiss francs. For 2018, the railway writes therefore in the red.

However, the BLS could only be the beginning. That too much money is invested, is of a controversial subsidy model in the official German “smoothing model” (see Box). At least eight public TRANSPORT companies rely on smoothing models, including the SBB! Compared with Sunday a view of the BAV confirmed that you have already initiated a preliminary investigation in the Case of SBB. Spokeswoman Olivia Ebinger: “With the SBB, there are different smoothing models, in addition to interest rate smoothing, for example, maintenance costs-smoothing models.”

purchases – such as trains – public TRANSPORT operations is often expensive. Therefore, these loans are having to pay record and the interest on it. In the first years, the interest burden is very high; with the annual amortization is taken. Thus, the Confederation and the cantons can, however, calculate every year with the same high level of subsidies, we calculated the total (interest)costs of a procurement, and distributes them evenly over the years – “smooths” it so. In the case of BLS, however, the calculated total proved costs as much too high. The reason: They had not expected the historically low interest rates of recent years, and highly calculated.

BAV realized for years, nothing

the SBB to explain: “In the area of rolling stock maintenance the SBB apply for years a smoothed model.” This is done at the request of the cantons and the Confederation. “The Billings are made annually to the BAV,” said railway spokesman Reto Schaerli. Be transparent and comprehensible. “The SBB offer in the context of a re-examination, of course, full of insight.”

Transparent were also the accounts of the BLS and the BAV has not only realized now that something was wrong. Year for year, the authority saw to the fact that too much money has flowed to the BLS. Because the General level of interest rates was much lower than in the case of the preparation of the cost estimate accepted, accumulated over the years, a medium two-digit million sum! The BLS will have to pay back only two-thirds.

The BAV has less than a handful of officials to check the accounts of 130 Swiss public TRANSPORT company. A real control looks different. The BLS did not, in turn, it, apparently, necessary, to to high non-payment issues.

affected Are the SBB as well?

a half years Ago, the BAV is transferred to the Postbus AG of the Mega-subsidy fraud. More than 200 million Swiss francs tax-money has been paid back. As you looked at the BLS, more precisely, came again unjustified million in subsidies to the fore.

Postbus like BLS are one of the largest service providers in the public transport. The likelihood that other, smaller companies, not all has worked properly, appears to be high. The SBB should be affected, would be the dimensions much larger than the BLS says an Insider to Sunday.

in 2017, met with inspectors of the Federal office for transport on the inconsistencies in the post-car. From the initial suspicion of the sad certainty was fast: The public TRANSPORT company of the Post had ertrogen over the years, with ticket bookings million. As reports of the views showed the group that knew the squad up far above know. This shock realization has led the Federal government to rethink. The accounts of the major public TRANSPORT companies will now be examined more critically. In addition, a further eight Controller have been applied for.

The internal audit report of the BAV the authority to have a miserable testimony. The deficiencies in the control activities were “systematic and serious”. BAV-Director Peter Füglistaler – in the case of post-car, nor the moral bludgeon swung – sound on Friday to the media significantly small louder. The press office writes: “The Director has assumed responsibility, he has initiated adjustments to both the control as well as the General use of smoothing models.”

The BLS has, in turn, agreed that, around 30 million Swiss francs to refund – but you do as you feel not really guilty. It was the “voluntary correction” of a subsequently than not adequately perceived interest-cost model. Repentance sounds different. The BLS press office announces: “It was never our intention to obtain high compensation the report of the auditors be confirmed.”

Noteworthy: The profit is for the squad bonus relevant. This is confirmed by the BLS on request. “The variable Salary component of senior members of staff is of multiple target sizes. The result at the level of the group, a small part of it.” Wage repayments are not an issue.