According to the service Flight Radar has landed an Algerian government machine on Sunday morning in Geneva. It is a machine of the type Gulfstream 4SP. Television pictures show the plane with the registration number 7T-VPM at the Geneva airport.

From the Algerian government, there is no official information as to why the plane was sent to Geneva.

For more than three weeks in Algeria to protest against a new candidacy to the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika (82) in the case of the presidential election in April. On Saturday, around one hundred people demonstrated in Geneva in front of the Palais Wilson, the headquarters of the United Nations high Commissioner for human rights. They demanded free elections in Algeria.

speech problems

Bouteflika’s critics no longer hold him in the position to govern the country. The 82-Year-old, has been sitting for a stroke in a wheelchair and has trouble Speaking.

On Saturday, had requested a non-named Algerian citizen with a Swiss court to face Bouteflika in his own protection under Conservatorship of the child and adult protection authority (Kesb) in Geneva. In the request, it is said, by his fragile health condition, the risk is great that the President is manipulated by his environment. (SDA/noo)