Boris Becker is no longer behind bars in the “horror prison”. It has been clear since Monday evening that the ex-tennis professional has been transferred to HM Huntercombe Prison. But what does the new life in prison look like for him there?

About a month ago, Boris Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a London court. First he was sent to Wandsworth Prison – also known as Horror Prison. Former inmates spoke of poor hygienic conditions and violence. Boris no longer has to worry about that. On Monday evening it became known that Boris had been transferred to another prison. He is now being held at HM Prison Huntercombe. Apparently a big improvement for Boris compared to before, as a legal expert revealed to

“The prison has no record of overcrowding, violence, disastrous sanitation, vermin or particularly tough guards,” said celebrity attorney Paul Vogel, who has represented clients held at Huntercombe. In fact, Huntercombe is a Category C prison, meaning it has a low security level. Wandsworth, on the other hand, is in category B. In the new prison there are also many opportunities for inmates to get further education and do sports. According to Paul Vogel, there can be no talk of a “luxury prison”: “It is and will remain a prison and the prison conditions in the UK differ – sometimes seriously – from those in Germany. Boris Becker will not see it as a ‘wellness prison’. Still, it’s a significant improvement over Wandsworth.”

Huntercombe Prison was originally used as an internment camp during World War II. During this time, among others, Rudolf Hess was imprisoned there. After serving as a juvenile detention center for a number of years, the prison has only accommodated male foreign offenders for a number of years. About 480 men are said to be housed there at the moment. According to its website, all new inmates arriving at Huntercombe are allowed to phone a family member that same evening. It is not known whether Boris Becker also made use of it.

Boris Becker has been in prison in Great Britain for a few weeks. He was convicted of bankruptcy filing. As the magazine “Bunte” reports, the fallen tennis star is already making a lot of money behind bars.

Boris Becker has left Wandsworth Prison and has been transferred to another prison. This is confirmed by his media lawyer.

Boris Becker spent the first few weeks of his imprisonment in a London prison known for overcrowding, violence and poor hygienic conditions. Now he has been relocated.

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