In an interview, LeBron James hints at a possible move to the Golden State Warriors. Fox analyst Colin Cowherd has now confirmed the transfer rumours. It wouldn’t be LeBron’s first move.

Not long ago, LeBron James made it clear that he would love to play alongside Stephen Curry. Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar reiterated his interest in playing with the three-point legend and named the Golden State Warriors as the playoff team he would like to play for.

LeBron’s comments have sent the American basketball scene into a frenzy, sparking speculation as to whether a move to the Warriors is a real possibility in the final years of his career. The four-time NBA champion doesn’t rule anything out, he has changed teams several times in the past.

FoxSports analyst Colin Cowherd has now commented on the matter, claiming that LeBron is bringing up a move to the Warriors, raising the possibility of LeBron leaving the Lakers.

Cowherd: He brings it up himself. I think LeBron James did just that when he talked about playing with the Warriors and Steph Curry.”

Cowherd: “LeBron is a smart guy. As an active NBA player, he has a net worth of $1 billion. He’s good at business. He’s failed his hometown twice, he’s failed Pat Riley and his best friend Dwyane Wade, who doesn’t think he’ll fail the Lakers too?”

“His contract expires in a year. You really don’t think he’ll jump off? Golden State could use some relief for Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. They could use a dynamic athlete. LeBron led the NBA in two-point field goal percentage this year.”

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