The SRF broadcast “Club” exchanged for four consignments of the Studio with a garden table, where politics, will gather leaders from the same family. However, in the case of the first shipment of “political clans” last week there was a scolding.

In the social media were people’s criticism, because SP-national councillor for Min Li Marti (45) as a “wife” from another Green party leader, Balthasar Glättli (47) was referred to. Glättli, however, not as the husband of Marti. This is a gender political No-Go, so the Tenor. “I’m not a feminist, but something annoys me also,” tweeted about the BDP national Council candidate Michelle Renaud (44).

“We had it the other way

to solve” After about a week Club “-presenter Barbara Lüthi (45) confessed”the error. On Twitter she wrote on Thursday following that to solve it would have been different: “In the case of political clans, we wanted to show the viewers the family relationship. There were two parties and two main protagonists with a political family. A question of labels – brother/wife. The political couple, Marti/Glättli, we would have to solve this differently. The way I see it. #srfclub”

Glättli and Marti are since 2005, a Couple of, in the spring of 2015, they got married. The story of how the two politicians came together reads like a cheesy novel. “Because I had lost a bet, I had to cook for me at home for Min Li and Mauro Tuena a dinner”.

For well over a year, the two are parents of a daughter.

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