A 28-year-old German had traveled to Rio de Janeiro with his partner for New Year’s Eve. Then he was missing for almost a week. But the police told a completely different story than the missing man’s partner. His body has now been found in the sea.

Tom Klak (28) spent New Year’s Eve with his partner in Brazil. But since January 5 there has been no trace of him. Brazilian authorities initially assumed that Klak had previously removed one of his clothes and gone into the sea. After nearly a week of unsuccessful searches, divers found the lifeless, naked body of the young man in the sea off Ipanema on Tuesday. Now some of the Brazilian military police are making serious allegations. However, she tells a completely different story than Klaks partner.

Authorities are relying on witnesses to say that on the morning of January 4, a young man, who is believed to have been described as Tom Klak, went into the sea and disappeared. A large-scale search operation followed, photos of which are circulating on the Internet. However, according to Leonard Pacheco, Tom’s partner, the story was different – and the descriptions of a Swiss tourist support it.

The couple, who lived together in New York, are said to have had a blast on their vacation in Brazil. A Swiss, who stayed in the same hotel as the two, spoke to “Bild” about “a man who looked like Klak”: “He was on drugs – but he was really crunching his jaw the whole time.”

Because there was a loud discussion between the two men and the Brazilian military police on the evening of January 4, the Swiss man took photos from his balcony. He told “Bild” that the police wanted to take Klak with them, but he refused. He is also said to have become abusive: “He told them in German: ‘Piss off'”. Klak is said to have been wearing handcuffs.

The reason for the operation is said to have been a ban on the house by the hotel owner. Klak and his partner have been accused of extensively damaging their room and the hotel’s elevator. In order to enforce the house ban, the hotelier is said to have called in the military police.

According to the Swiss, an ambulance arrived about three hours after the first altercation with the police officers. Klak is said to have received an infusion, but he did not go along. At this point the stories of the hotel guest end.

According to Brazilian police reports, on the morning of January 5, officers were called back to an operation a few blocks away. There, however, they only met Klak’s partner, Leonard Pacheco, and fixed him because of his aggressiveness and took him to a hospital.

However, Pacheco, who took to Instagram the next morning with a black eye and visibly badly beaten up, reports: Before he was beaten unconscious by the police officers, he saw them try to murder Klak. He shared his version on Instagram during a search.

The Swiss tourist from the “Bild” newspaper also confirmed that Pacheco was badly beaten. He was shocked when he saw him and could immediately imagine that the police would have taken Klak away and locked him up – “or worse.”

Before the young German’s body was found, an acquaintance of the couple made similar assumptions in the Brazilian media. For example, she told the newspaper “O Dia” that she could imagine that the military police could have disposed of Klak’s body in the sea.

Klaks family of all people is now expressing doubts about Pacheco’s story. According to “O Dia”, Klak’s sister and his ex-boyfriend have now traveled to Rio de Janeiro to help with the investigation. It seems the family doesn’t really believe either story. She criticizes Pacheco’s descriptions for being too “confused”. He told them a different story every hour, the family said. She also expressed surprise that Pacheco appeared to have traveled back to the United States before the search for Klak was complete.

According to “O Dia”, the family had hoped for more help from the German Embassy. The collaboration is very slow, as the deceased’s ex-boyfriend, Felipe Duarte, explains. He accompanies the family and helps with translations. A complete explanation of what happened should show which version is closest to the truth. This is what a special commission of the Brazilian tourist police said. According to “RTL”, the police officers who were involved in the operation against Pacheco have in any case currently been suspended from duty.

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