The British High Court ruled on Monday that 12-year-old Archie Battersbee can be taken off life support because he is clinically dead. Among other things, the British broadcaster BBC reports. But the boy’s parents do not want to accept the court’s decision. Now there is a new twist.

Archie’s mother can appeal the decision in the Court of Appeal. Hollie is sure Archie is still there: “His heart is still beating, he grabbed my hand and as his mother and through my mother’s instinct I know my son is still there.”

The reason for the court’s decision to give the family another chance was the evidence. The MRI image of the brain is not enough to show beyond a doubt that Archie is dead. In addition, the court did not take into account the family’s religious beliefs, according to the family’s lawyer. That’s why there is now a new hearing.

Archie’s mother says she’s been “tortured for weeks” but wouldn’t just give up on her son. “Making a judgment based on an MRI scan and saying he’s ‘probably’ dead isn’t enough. I am disgusted that the hospital and the judge did not consider the family’s wishes,” said the 12-year-old’s mother. Willing to fight, she explains: “He is a 12-year-old boy who received the death penalty. I will not give up, this is just the beginning of my fight.”

Archie’s mother said she was “devastated and extremely disappointed” after the verdict. She told reporters: “His heart is still beating. Unless it is God’s way, I will not accept that he should go.” The family will appeal. A statement from the clinic said it was giving the family time to appeal.

The boy sustained serious head injuries in a domestic accident in Southend, Essex, in early April and has been unconscious since. The treating doctors at the Royal London Hospital assume that Archie is brain dead and wanted to stop artificial respiration. His parents, on the other hand, demanded that the treatment be continued. Archie’s heart would still be beating, and according to her, he would have held his mother’s hand. The court dispute has been going on for a few weeks, and now there is a verdict.

According to the BBC, Judge Justice Arbuthnot’s written ruling reads: “I note that Archie died around noon on 31 May 2022, shortly after the MRI scans carried out that day.” that the irreversible end of brainstem function has been clearly established.”

And further: “I authorize the doctors at the Royal London Hospital to stop Archie Battersbee’s mechanical ventilation.”

On April 7, 2022, Hollie Dance found her son Archie unconscious and with a noose around his neck. She believes her son passed out while taking part in an “internet challenge”. Archie was immediately rushed to the Royal London Hospital and has been in a coma ever since.

The treating physicians had advocated turning off the life-support machines. Earlier this week, they told the High Court in London that Archie was “very likely” brain dead.

A specialist, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also told the court that the tests revealed “no discernible brain activity” but “significant areas of tissue necrosis.” The specialist added: “We think it’s very likely that he’s brain dead.”

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