When the ‘X Factor’-participants Thursday were told that the program is cancelled the next two weeks, took all except one participant returned to their family.

‘the X Factor’ is, as you know, put on the corona-standby for prime minister Mette Frederiksen’s recent announcement to avoid gatherings of over 100 people.

The remaining six participants have therefore now got free. Here, they tell, what they – in addition to practicing on – must use the waiting time :

“I am in the first place taken home to my brother in Perth, and so I think that the plan is to take on home to north Jutland for my family. It is a little strange not having to appear Friday, but I just think I should relax, enjoy myself with my family and maybe see some shows.”

“I am driven home. I have just been past the island of Fyn to visit my mother, and then I otherwise home to Jutland and back at my usual work as a software developer. I have already spoken with my colleagues to get some new tasks. Otherwise, I just do as little as possible, we must, of course, nothing social, so maybe I’ll just watch the series and meet with a few friends.”

“I live in Copenhagen, so I have not so far home. I just think I have to go home and be with my girlfriend. Maybe see a movie Friday night. I think it is wildly difficult to be at home. We should not even go to the café. Maybe I’m coming to take a lot of trips and otherwise get seen my family. It gets a little strange period.”

(Magnus is taken home to Silkeborg, Shaft tells here, that he is taken home to Odense)

“I’m just gone home to say hi to people. I will probably the most to just relax the next few days, and so we are in constant dialogue with the famous and best-selling and our team. We just need to work on, and Magnus and I also have found a way to meet and practice on.”

Morten: “We are taken home to me in Helsinge to celebrate Cecilies birthday. We should eat some delicious food and just enjoy ourselves.”

Cecile: “I’m going home to my cat again and maybe write some songs. I think I also must have seen what I may need to start on of the training, when the ‘X Factor’ is over.”

One participant will continue to be live in TV 2’s ‘the X Factor’-apartment in Copenhagen. The 24-year-old Ilona has shared lejilgheden with some of the other contestants, but now she is home alone when she does not want to take home to his family in the north of Jutland.

“I have been allowed to stay and mingle with myself. I don’t want to take public transportation right now, and I will not risk making my parents sick. I will sing to my friend’s wedding in June, so I think I will use it next time to practice my song for her.”