Premier League legend Thierry Henry was stunned by the words of FC Liverpool ace Mohamed Salah before the then lost Champions League final. The striker had announced several times that he wanted revenge on opponents Real Madrid.

Needless to say, former Arsenal star Thierry Henry takes a critical look back at Mohamed Salah’s previous comments following Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat by Real Madrid in the Champions League final. The Reds star should have saved the comments that he wanted to “get revenge” on Real Madrid, according to “CBS Sports”.

Different approach: Henry emphasizes that participants should not talk before a final. Rather, the club interested in revenge should win and only then say “That was revenge”. The Frenchman, meanwhile, praised the Spanish side, particularly goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Henry, now 44, coaches him as an assistant coach in the Belgian national team.

Big tones: Before the match, Salah said he would rather play against Real than against Manchester City because he wanted revenge for the defeat four years ago. He also tweeted that the teams still had a score to settle.

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