FC Teutonia 05 Ottensen has to move with RB Leipzig for their DFB Cup duel. But not in the stadiums of Hamburg’s local rivals HSV or St. Pauli, but in a venue 380 kilometers away in Saxony-Anhalt.

The venue has been found: The DFB Cup game between Hamburg district club FC Teutonia 05 Ottensen and defending champions RB Leipzig on August 30th is likely to be played in Dessau (Saxony-Anhalt), 380 kilometers from the home of the fourth division team. As reported by “Bild”, representatives of both clubs are said to have met on site in the Paul Greifzu Stadium (20,000 seats).

Short, compact, clear

Stadium dilemma for fourth division team: Since FC Teutonia is not allowed to play in the DFB Cup because of the artificial turf in their home stadium “Hoheluft”, you have to dodge. However, both Hamburger SV with the Volkspark Stadium and FC St. Pauli with the Millerntor Stadium refused to help – not because of their small local rivals, but because of RB Leipzig.

Swapping the home right from the table: In the meantime, it was even rumored that the duel could be held in the Leipzig World Cup arena. That’s off the table for organizational reasons, but geographically it’s a home game for RB. There are only around 70 kilometers between Leipzig and Dessau.