ZDF presenter Maja Weber (42) shot sharply against Helene Fischer (35): After the airing of Fischer’s concert film, “You Feel that?” on ZDF, the TV woman ranting and raving on Twitter about the costumes of pop Stars. Weber compared the singer to, among other things, in the varnish Outfit on the stage, even with a prostitute.

“to Find a “Superstar” such as Helene Fischer, the must make Fanbindung really no Worries, no other visual language for the many women on the stage than that of the Latex-leather-Mesh-fashion of the Reeperbahn?”, “today Xpress”presenter asked in your Post. “Or inspired the red light district in Amsterdam? (…) Presents her Outfit, the venality of women. And young women suggests that it is “wow”. Prostitution is not wow, and your trappings are too.”

ZDF distancing itself from the statements made by the presenter

Fischer’s Fans defended their Idol as a result. Also ZDF distanced himself from Weber’s statements. Compared to “image” a spokesman said: “The ZDF shall notify in any way the opinion of Ms. Weber. We are proud of the fact that Helene Fischer with their performances and concerts in the ZDF present and successful.” Also prominent colleagues, a switch in the Latex-debate and Fischer strengthen the back.

actress Simone Thomalla (54) says “image”: “Helene is a total work of art, and has in addition to her singing a body, where every muscle defined, every body is trained part! She always looks aesthetically pleasing and can, therefore, afford certainly this hot Latex Outfit.” Pop icon Heino (80) says: “I think Helene, this Polish can wear the Outfit without having it look cheap. To put it with Prostitution, is nonsense. You don’t go with the Outfit in the Church, but stands on the stage, because this is so today.”

“Spiessige cow!”

the Star photographer Ellen von Unwerth (65) does not understand the criticism, too: “There is a difference, as a singer for the stage, provocatively dressed to sell his body for Sex. Why should attract German artist good as their foreign counterparts, such as Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, or Lady Gaga?”

entertainer Desiree Nick (62) finds: “Spiessige cow! Maja Weber should go to the Ring of the Nibelungen in Bayreuth, if you want to get upset about the costumes of the mile. On any Opera stage in leather and Latex, has become the classic, and the chorus barbusig. This Look belongs to the small even one of a Show!” (kad)