The music world mourns! Shortly after the death of “Depeche Mode” keyboardist Andy Fletcher, it was announced that “Yes” drummer Alan White also passed away at the age of 72.

May 26, 2022 will go down in history as a black day for the music world. Millions of people are currently mourning not only for Andy Fletcher († 60), the keyboardist of the cult band Depeche Mode, but also for cult drummer Alan White. The musician of the British progressive rock band Yes died at the age of 72.

The band announced the sad news themselves on Twitter, writing that their beloved drummer and “friend of 50 years” had died near Seattle after a brief but serious illness. A big shock for the band, but also for the fans, because White had been part of “Yes” since 1972. He has also been considered the longest-serving member of the cult band since the death of founding member Chris Squire (†2015).

Despite the huge loss for the “Yes” band, the upcoming UK tour is set to go ahead. As the news agency “PA” announced, the concerts, which will take place from June, will be dedicated to Alan White. A great honor and a nice farewell for the fans of the band, who joined the legendary “Rock

Not only fans, band members and White’s family mourn the deceased musician. Yoko Ono (89) was also dismayed and dedicated emotional lines to the drummer, who worked with John Lennon († 40) in the past, on Twitter. She explained that Alan White was a key part of the sound of hits like “Imagine”: “He was always gentle, friendly and cheerful.”

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