The dispute over the secret documents that former US President Donald Trump took with him from office is entering the next round. Now the Republican is turning to the Supreme Court.

Former US President Donald Trump has turned to the Supreme Court in a dispute over the evaluation of confiscated secret documents. Trump’s attorneys petitioned the Supreme Court on Tuesday to overturn the lower court’s decision. Trump and his team want to prevent the US Department of Justice from evaluating documents confiscated from him that are marked as secret. The US government is trying to criminalize a dispute over document management, the attorneys wrote in their filing.

At the end of September, the US Department of Justice had achieved an important success in court. The federal court ruled that the investigators may continue to use some of the confiscated documents for their work. It overturned the decision of a court in the US state of Florida. This initially prohibited the investigators from using the documents marked as secret as long as the neutral examiner employed in the case, Raymond Dearie, deals with the documents.

In early August, the FBI searched Trump’s Florida mansion. The FBI confiscated various classified documents, some with the highest level of secrecy. According to the law, this material should have been given to the National Archives.