After a month in Moscow will open from 6 new metro stations

Almost 25 thousand people are involved in the construction of new stations and lines of the Moscow metro, a month in Moscow will open six new metro stations, said the head of “Mosinzhproekt” Alexander Gornostaev.

“Starting in 2011, the company Mosinzhproekt is the main contractor on the programme of development of the Moscow metro. During this time the already constructed 83 km of new lines, 42 stations and ten depots. Last year we opened four stations, and just a month passengers will take another six stations of the Moscow subway” — said Gornostayev, reports “Interfax”.

“today, work around the clock maintained at 42 metro stations, eight depots, the construction employs about 25 thousand people”, — said Gornostayev.

we are Talking about the opening of the four stations nekrasovskie lines and two stations of the Big ring. “Today the main efforts of the company directed the construction of the Great circle line, to complete the project is planned by 2023”, — said Gornostayev.

After the completion of all work, this thread will be the longest circular line in the world. “In addition, we have started work on a new draft of the radial metro lines — Communard, Rublevo-Arkhangelsk and Biruliovsky”, — said Gornostayev.