After a meeting between Putin and Netanyahu, the Kremlin continues to analyze the

the Kremlin after a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu continues to analyze the transaction on a middle East settlement.

the Meeting between Putin and Netanyahu took place on Thursday in the Kremlin. During the talks the Israeli Prime Minister invited the Russian President to discuss “the deal of the century”, expressing the interest to the Russian leader on this issue, TASS reported.

the conclusion of the “deal of the century” Donald trump and Benjamin Netanyahu announced at a joint press conference on Tuesday. By its terms, you will create a state of Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem. In creating a new Palestinian state will invest 50 billion dollars. At the same time Israel will retain control over the East of the Jordan river, and Jerusalem will remain its undivided capital.

Palestinian Authority this plan does not suit. They do not agree to give up claims to Jerusalem and demand restoration of their pre-1967 borders. Hamas said that the plan is not worth the wasted ink.