In the British talk show “Jeremy Kyle Show” from carrying guests to their conflicts and relationship issues in front of the camera and the Studio audience. A lie detector is often used.

Also, the freshly baked Grandfather Stephen Dymond (†63) wanted to prove in the show, his On-off partner Jane Callaghan that he had cheated on her. British media reports that he was at the lie-detector Test. After that, he was regarded as a liar, his fiancée, Callaghan threw him out. She asked him “to pack his things and disappear.”

The “Jeremy Kyle Show” has been previously

criticized a Few days later, Dymond was found dead in his bedroom. The investigators expect to see a suicide. In his last message to Callaghan, he wrote: “I can’t live without you.”

His landlady shall inform this assumption. After the recording of the show, the excavator was distraught driver and sobbing to come home. The woman is sure: “The Show has contributed in part to his suicide”, as you said the British website, “Mail Online”.

His Ex-partner Jane Callaghan to the British “Sun” in tears, said: “I know that we broke up a week ago, but we were together for two years. He was still my fiance. I still love him.”

The “Jeremy Kyle Show” has been running since 2005 and has been criticised more often for you to put on emotionally unstable people. She has now been temporarily suspended. Twitter Users welcome this decision. A User hopes that the Show “never come back”.

The producers now have to face the question of why you act a father who suffered from depression and against whom an arrest warrant had allowed, in the show.

The Twitter Users ask in this context whether the British TV-Version of “Love Island” from the program. After the broadcast of the program, two participants of the Reality TV Show, took his own life. (paf)

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