Marcus Thuram (24) seems to be preparing for his departure from Gladbach. The Frenchman provokes in an interview.

Provocative interview statements: Gladbach attacker Marcus Thuram seems to be very frustrated after the disappointing season with Borussia. In a podcast from “Sport News Africa”, about which “Bild” reports, he accuses those responsible: “When we French were twelve minutes late, we were treated like little children. And when things were going well, I was allowed to skip the German course. When things went badly, I was admonished.”

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Thuram criticizes Gladbach fans: The Frenchman doesn’t leave a good hair on the fans either: “They even whistled at Matthias Ginter! You probably don’t understand here that as a player you want to take the next step and leave the club.”

Bad relationship with Adi Hütter: Recently, the tense relationship with Adi Hütter also contributed to his unsatisfactory season (three goals, one assist). Accordingly, against the background of Thuram’s good relationship with predecessor Marco Rose, Hütter would have noted: “Marcus, I’m not Marco Rose, and you’re not a star player here.”