“Give me 15 minutes, I’m back fully!” The joy of the reunion is for Ex-Police constable Heinz Scholze (89) huge. The sprightly pensioner was at the beginning of the 1960s, one of the first police officers who have flashed with the then state of the art measuring system Telefunken “VRG2” speeding motorists on German roads. The plant was housed in a VW Camper, built in 1953 in the rear. And this is now, after over 54 years in the Northern German barns and garages totally unexpected in a suburb of Hannover re-emerged.

at the Time, uncharted territory

Now Ex-Constable Scholze, of course, true to style in the old, blue police coat in T1 and turns at the controls of the built-in traffic radar device, “The Bulli was my second home. Here I sat for hours all alone on the wooden chair by the radar device and watch it, if I was a racer going into the net. The goods will then be completely flabbergasted if it flashed from the Bulli-rear suddenly. This was all uncharted territory – for us and for the motorists.” Because, before that, speed violations by stopwatch and determined!

For installation and maintenance of the radar measuring device was at the time, police main master, Dieter Dell (79): “it was technically quite complicated, everything in the Camper accommodate and cabling. The flash in the rear, we are disguised by a flap in the color of the car.” According to the Radar principle of measurement will be determined to some extent still today the tempo of sinners.

pros erwischts

And even flash professional Heinz Scholze caught it one day, as he confesses with a grin: “I came with a colleague from a training course in Berlin. We talked so nicely in the car, laughing – and Hey Presto, I had overlooked the Sign. 83 things instead of 50. For me that meant four weeks of Pedestrian life and Fine.” Scholze remembers the one or the other curious case: “A tempo sinners, we caught the time on his way to the award ceremony for the “cavalier of the streets”.”

The system might even be still used today – of its accuracy, it has lost over the years, nothing. “She’s become, inexplicably, with the years even better!”, Frank Märtens from the Federal Physico-Technical Institute says: “The result in recent comparison tests clearly. Your error rate has a maximum deviation of 3 km/h, in the absolute tolerance field.”

really good in the shot

And the 66-year-old Camper, with its more than 65’000 miles on the odometer is still in Top condition. “After 54 years of use, we had to change only Oil and
spark plugs and a new battery installed,” says Tobias Twele of the vintage division of VW commercial vehicles, who discovered the totally dusty van into a Garage. Turn the key – and then there it was, this typical, deep Bubbling of the 25-horsepower boxer engine. Twele: “The car has hardly any rust in the underbody and Parts to wear. The is really good in the shot!”

the Ex-Police constable Heinz Scholze strips after the failure of reunion from hoped the blue jacket of the past, and puts him in the driver’s seat of the old Van. When leaving, he turns around again and says goodbye: “good-Bye, Bulli.”