African clones can WhatsApp more official apps

WhatsApp is the most popular app for messaging — in the past month, his audience for the first time exceeded 2 billion. At the same time, many wish the messenger was more features, like the ability to schedule the sending of messages or manage several accounts. As a result, users from a number of countries, especially in Africa, began to move to “mods” — modified version of the original WhatsApp application.

according to Quartz, the most popular “mod” in the African market is GBWhatsApp. It has much more functions than the original — it allows you to switch between accounts, to recover deleted messages and share heavy media (up to 50 megabytes, as opposed to 16 MB in WhatsApp).

GBWhatsApp Also allows you to password protect individual conversations, preview files and notify the user logs in online. Moreover, its users can communicate with people who have installed the original version of WhatsApp.

the three largest Internet markets of Africa — in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa — GBWhatsApp takes the place of second most popular social apps, second only to WhatsApp. According to the company Caribou Data, the top ten includes other “fashion”, for example YoWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp.

Google Play store WhatsApp clones available. Typically users download them from third party sources or transmitted from one device to another. And very risk: the chance of getting malware is quite large, and the correspondence in the “mod” is not encrypted, which puts privacy at risk. Moreover, WhatsApp may at any time require the locking of informal versions of both programs that violate the terms of service.

Text: News.Hi-tech