Director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that at least 20 countries on the continent with 1.3 billion inhabitants are under the “very debilitating” third wave COVID-19 infection. The Delta variant, first identified in India, “may have played an important role.”

John Nkengasong informs reporters that Africa has seen an increase of 30% in new cases over the week before.

However, only 1% of Africans have been fully vaccinated. The World Health Organization states that eight African countries have run out of vaccines.

He said, “We are totally behind. We just don’t know how to get vaccines.” “The third wave of disease is very brutal.”

He stated that the peak of this third wave was “remarkably higher” than the second in Africa, and more health centres are claiming they are overwhelmed.

Africa has more that 5.2 million confirmed cases of virus, including 139,000 deaths.



What information should I have about the Delta variant?

— The “scary” cluster is attributed to the growth of the delta variant in Sydney.

Italy is relying on huge EU pandemic recovery funds to revitalize its slow economy. How well the eurozone does may determine its future.

Tokyo is set to become the ‘no-fun Olympics due to the pandemic


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MADRID — The Spanish foreign minister has stated that there is no plan to alter entry rules for British tourists due to the growing number of coronavirus Delta infections.

Spain considers the United Kingdom, which is a major source for tourists to Spain’s tourism-dependent country, low-risk. It allows its citizens free entry, without having to submit to negative virus tests or show proof of vaccination. Many British tourists have been unable to book holidays in southern Europe due to the mandatory quarantine that must be observed upon returning from Spain.

“For the moment we keep our measures, which we have adopted in order to allow British citizens into our territory,” Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya stated Thursday.

The minister stated that Spain will continue to provide health data to British authorities in order for them not be delisted from the list of destinations that require a quarantine upon return.


LONDON — Live, the music industry trade group, and other arts figures like Cameron Mackintosh, the WOMAD festival producer, and Lloyd Webber, the composer-impresario, launched legal action against the government to demand that the government disclose the results from test events held during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thursday’s statement by the groups stated that they had submitted legal documents to High Court asking for the government to publish their findings.

Many artists feel that they are not allowed to open venues at their full capacity while sporting events are held in front thousands of spectators. Britain agreed to allow more than 60.000 fans to attend the Euro 2020 final and semifinals next month, after being pressured by European soccer authorities.

Events Research Program, run by the government, has seen large crowds return to events such as a darts tournament and a conference for business.


MADRID — Spain has relaxed its COVID-19 pandemic rules. It allows people to wear masks outside and sports fans are allowed back in stadiums.

Carolina Darias, Health Minister, said Thursday that the Cabinet approved the new rules.

Nearly a year ago, face masks were made mandatory in both indoors and outdoor settings. However, Saturday’s will be the last day that they are required to be worn outside.

Darias stated that spectators will be permitted back into top-flight basketball and soccer games starting next season.

Darias believes that the trend in Spain’s pandemic indicators is “favorable” and that the country is leading European Union efforts to vaccinate its citizens.


MOSCOW — Russia’s coronavirus epidemic continues to rise. On Thursday, authorities reported 20,182 new cases and 568 deaths. Both totals are at their highest level since January.

As Russia struggles to overcome its widespread vaccine hesitancy, a surge in infections occurred earlier this month. Only 20.7 million, or 14%, have had at least one shot of vaccine as of Wednesday. 16.7 million, which is 11%, have been fully immunized.

Due to rising contagions, 14 Russian regions made mandatory vaccinations for certain individuals, including state officials and employees in retail, education, healthcare, and other service-providing industries. Eligible companies must ensure that at least 60% of their employees are vaccinated in most of these regions.

Tatyana Golikova, Deputy Prime Minister, stated Wednesday that vaccination rates have increased almost twofold in the last week.

Russia’s state coronavirus taskforce reported that there were more than 5.3 million coronavirus cases and 131,000 deaths in the pandemic.


COPENHAGEN (Danish) — Danish health officials have urged soccer fans who were at the Euro2020 match between Denmark and Belgium in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 17, to get tested. They discovered that at least three people had tested positive for the delta variant.

Twitter: Wednesday’s tweet by Denmark’s Health Minister stated that approximately 4,000 people were in the same area where those who had tested positive — six sections at Copenhagen’s Parken Stadium.

247 cases of the Delta variant, which is more infectious than others, have been reported since April 2, when it was discovered in Denmark.


SYDNEY (Australia) — A minister in the state government has contracted COVID-19, while another minister is being isolated as a cluster of infections in Sydney.

Adam Marshall, New South Wales Agriculture Minister, said that he was informed on Thursday that he had tested positive following a Monday dinner at a Sydney restaurant with three of his government colleagues.

As recently as Tuesday, all four legislators were present at Parliament.

Brad Hazard, Health Minister, said that he felt isolated after being exposed at Parliament House to a possible case.

Hazzard stated that Premier Gladys Berejiklian was “fairly safe” while he stood next to him at daily pandemic media updates.

On Thursday, pandemic restrictions were tightened in Sydney as a cluster of the Delta variant grew and states prohibited travel from any part of Sydney or anywhere else in New South Wales.

A limousine driver at Sydney’s airport was the first to test positive for the cluster. The driver of a Sydney airport limousine was found to be positive. He is believed to have contracted the virus while transporting foreign crew members. By Wednesday, the cluster had reached 31 cases.


JERUSALEM — Israel’s government delayed the planned reopening to tourists due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus.

After being closed to most of the population during the pandemic, Israel would reopen its borders to vaccinated tourists on July 1. Already in May, it had opened its borders to vaccinated tourists. All tourists will be required to undergo a vaccination test before they can board flights to Israel.

However, after an increase in infections over the past week the government announced Wednesday that it would push that date back until August 1. The Health Ministry of Israel recorded 110 cases of coronavirus over the last day.

Although Israel suffered a severe economic loss due to the coronavirus epidemic, it has continued to struggle in the tourism sector despite a swift vaccination campaign.


ALBANY (N.Y.) — New York will lift additional COVID-19 restrictions after the state of emergency ends later in this week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated Wednesday.

Conforming to federal guidelines, New Yorkers will continue to need to wear masks in public transportation, hospitals, nursing homes, and homeless shelters.

Cuomo’s Wednesday announcement means that public meetings no longer have to take place virtually, as an example.

Cuomo tweeted, “Fighting COVID and vaccinating New Yorkers remain top priorities, however the emergency chapter in this fight is over.”

This is the governor’s latest announcement regarding lifting COVID-19 limitations at a moment when rates of positives are falling to record lows due to more New Yorkers getting vaccinated. It comes after months of opposition from Republicans and business groups, who called for Cuomo to be limited in his executive power.


BERLIN — Germany’s disease control center claims that the delta variant was responsible for more than 15% coronavirus infections in Germany by mid-June. This share has roughly doubled in one week.

In a weekly report Wednesday, the Robert Koch Institute stated that the share of the more contagious Delta variant in sequenced samples rose from 15.1% to 15.1% for the week ended June 13. This compares to 7.9% one week earlier.

Although the alpha variant was first identified in Britain, its dominance in Germany has declined to 74.1%, from 83.5%.

The number of cases in Germany has fallen to its lowest point in several months. The disease control center reported Wednesday that 1,016 cases had been reported in the past day. This is a rate equivalent to 7.2 cases per 100,000 people over seven days.

Although authorities have eased many restrictions, they are warning of surges in Britain and Russia due to the delta variant. This was first discovered in India.


MADRID — Spain has decided to eliminate the requirement that face masks be worn outdoors. However, people must remain at least 1.5m (5ft) apart starting next Saturday.

Carolina Darias, Health Minister, said that masks will still need to be worn at large gatherings such as concerts when people are standing up and not sitting in a chair.

In public places, and on public transport, masks are still required.

Wednesday’s statement by Sheri was that face covers have been “tremendously effective and useful” in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

She pointed out that 32% of Spaniards had received two doses of vaccines, while 50% had only one. This allows for a relaxed approach to mask rules.


BERLIN — Angela Merkel’s spokesperson said that the German Chancellor was given two vaccines as a conscious effort not to make people afraid.

Merkel’s office confirmed Tuesday, that Merkel received the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine for the 66-year old on April 16. She was then given the Moderna vaccine for the second shot.

Steffen Seibert, her spokesperson, stated that Merkel chose the first AstraZeneca shot when there were concerns over possible side effects.

He said, “And so she now maybe can take away the worries of people…who were/are worried about this so called cross-vaccination.”


BOISE, Idaho — Idaho’s adults have received just over half their doses of the coronavirus vaccine. This is less than two months after the national mark of 50% was achieved.

Elke Shaw-Tulloch, Idaho Public Health Administrator, stated Tuesday at a press conference that it was unlikely that the state will reach the national goal of 70% adults having at least one dose of vaccines by July 4.

She said that the state is still making slow progress in vaccinating children. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Idaho has the eighth-lowest adult partial COVID-19 vaccine rate in the U.S.