a failure for U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in Kabul, where less than six years ago his predecessor, John Kerry, at least, limited success. Kerry, Secretary of state under President Barack Obama, had it done in September 2014, in fact, to move the two Afghan contenders to the leadership of the country, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, a compromise. Ghani was declared the winner of the presidential election, his competitor, received the newly-created office of the “government leader”.

That power-sharing would not be permanent, the majority of observers, is clear. And, in fact: After the presidential election of last September, the same counterparty claim now at that time again, the office of the President. Despite eight hours of talks with the two leaders on Monday in Kabul, Pompeo returned empty-handed to Washington. Previously, he had inserted a stopover in Doha with the Taliban leadership in talks.

to some On the flight back to Washington, Pompeo announced strong measures in response to the “failure” of the Afghan leadership, on a unity government. The latter is a prerequisite for progress in the implementation of the peace agreement with the Taliban. Pompeo called the behavior of the two Afghan leaders is a “direct threat to the national interests of the United States”. Therefore, the United States would check the extent of their cooperation with Afghanistan, so Pompeo, and for this year, the development aid by one billion US shorten the Dollar. “We are also ready to cut another billion in 2021,” said Pompeo. That would be almost a quarter of American aid to Afghanistan. He indicated that these measures could be reconsidered if the Participants in Kabul in a solution for a functional government.

in Spite of the unsettled conditions in Kabul, the USA want to hold on to the Taliban agreed to the deduction, so the troop strength within a period of 135 days by about a third to about 8600 soldiers reduce. Within 14 months, all the soldiers of the United States and its allies are to be deducted, as long as the Taliban keep to their obligations not to commit any attacks on coalition forces and to cooperate in the fight against IS and Al-Qaeda.

Ghani is unfazed

For the economically weak country, it could have far-reaching consequences, should it come to threatening the cuts in American aid. The Afghan state budget is to a large extent by foreign funds, depending on, says Michael Kugelman, South Asia expert at the Wilson Center in Washington. “The threat of funds to withhold, shows that the US car in a dramatic last attempt to Ghani and Abdullah to resolve their differences,” says Kugelman, compared to the DW. This is sort of the “nuclear Option” in the United States.

the threat Pompeos Ashraf Ghani appeared unimpressed. “I can assure you that the reduction in aid has no direct impact on the key sectors,” he said in a state television address. For such cases, each government had a contingency plan. We now intended to review the state budget and adjust. At the same time, he thanked the United States for an assurance of financial assistance in the amount of 15 million US dollars in the fight against the novel Coronavirus.

of the population feels left in the lurch

Many Afghans, the seeing threatened cuts to American aid, however, are not so left. They fear that the poor and corruption-ridden country is to the Offside. 80 percent of the population live, according to the world hunger relief below the poverty line. 9.8 out of a total of 36 million inhabitants are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Despite the mediation efforts of the United States and the international community the war continues in Afghanistan. “It can afford Afghanistan, a billion dollars to refuse?”, many of the issues.

The intra-Afghan negotiations were due to start in mid-March. Of all the parties Involved are far from that. For years, the fragmentation of the Taliban had been played high, says Thomas Ruttig, the Afghanistan expert and co-founder of the Afghanistan Analysts Network. “That was part of their psychological warfare.” In fact, the Taliban had managed to close their ranks. Of the Afghan political Elite, one could not say the same today.

Taliban benefit from disagreement

While Pompeo with the top politicians in Kabul sharply into the court, he praised the behavior of the Taliban. “There has been no attacks on American soldiers, since the peace Treaty was signed”, – said the US Secretary of state.

As so often in the last 20 years, the Taliban of the intra-benefited Afghan conflict, says Kugelman. The recent Declaration by the US would damage the already weakened Afghan government. “The threat of Washington with the stop of financial assistance is an important propaganda success for the Taliban,” says Kugelman. It should come between the counterparties in Kabul and no agreement is reached, would give the United States maybe even in the Background, but otherwise, the idea of intra-Afghan peace abandon talks and a withdrawal of troops as had to continue.

“The Taliban will reap the fruits of disunity in Kabul,” says Thomas Ruttig. The real losers are, however, those who it affects most, the people in Afghanistan.

author: Waslat Hasrat-Nazimi

*The post “Afghanistan’s peace process at a crossroads,” published by Deutsche Welle. Contact with the executives here.

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